PCAnalyze Specifications

Build the overal geometry of the board
Add components
Add discreet conduction paths
Edge Guides
Define edge guides, if any
Convection and Radiation
Add Convection and Radiation
Transient or Steady State
Setup a transient or steady state simulation
  • Models conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer
  • Supports component libraries
  • Auto-meshes Printed Wiring Boards (PWB)
  • Built-in material database
  • Work in any units; mix and match units
  • Sophisticated finite difference mathematical model
  • Advanced steady-state AND transient solver
  • Import ECAD data via IDF
  • Support for double sided boards
  • Concise component temperature reports
  • Detailed output listings
  • Graphical display of Printed Wiring Assemblies (PWA) model
  • Temperature contour plotter
  • X/Y transient temperature plotter
  • No compilers or linkers required
  • Export to TAK 2000 PRO™ or SINDA