PCAnalyze ™ is an engineering application used to mathematically model and predict the thermal behavior of printed circuit assembly (PCA) designs. Component placement, cooling strategies, or "worst case" conditions can be quickly evaluated using this software.

PCAnalyze will calculate the temperature of the board and its individual components, using its integrated steady state and transient solver. This is the same solver used in the TAK2000 Pro™ thermal analyzer.

PCAnalyze ™ is a stand-alone application with its own built-in solver. No third-party compiler, linker, or graphics package is required.

Printed circuit board analysis does not get any simpler than with PCAnalyze. Nevertheless, it maintains the versatility to simulate all forms of heat transfer: radiation, convection, and conduction are a snap for PCAnalyze.

"PCAnalyze reduced analysis and documentation time from 40+ to 16 hours per board!"

...says Ball Aerospace at The Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop held at The Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, CA.

PCAnalyze has the ability to import component and board data that has been exported from any ECAD system via Intermediate Data Format (IDF) "universal" files. IDF files are used for exchanging data between electrical and mechanical/thermal CAD/CAE systems for use in design and analysis of printed wiring assemblies, and are supported by most ECAD systems.

The IDF standard supported by most ECAD system is version 3.0. Unfortunately, this version is not a full thermal implementation and does not fully define all thermal parameters necessary to create a thermal model. PCAnalyze solves this limitation by providing a translator that can read IDF files and perform a part lookup using any standard PCAnalyze component library file.

Using the IDFTrans with PCAnalyze

a PDF of the four step process.


Once temperatures have been calculated, a color contour temperature map of the circuit can be displayed, printed or copied to the clipboard. Numerous text reports can be automatically generated, ranging in complexity from simple component summaries to detailed network maps of the entire model.

The Plotter allows you to generate XY temperature plots of up to 10 curves per graph from your transient analysis. It also has the ability to simultaneously plot node data from any number of different files. Plots can be sent to any Windows printer, to a file or copied to the Window's clipboard.

Transient Plots

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