To get a "feel" of PCAnalyze and the IDF translator, you are encouraged to review the sample project in the manual. The PCAnalyze and IDFTrans manual are located in the \Documents folder and can be accessed from the PCAnalyze start menu group.

In addition, PCAnalyze comes with several sample projects and these are located in the \Projects folder. Also included is a sample set of exported ECAD IDF files that you can translate with the IDFTrans translator and then import into PCAnalyze.

This free demonstration version is a full working version of PCAnalyze, EXCEPT for the following limitations:
    • You may only use the program for 14 uses or 14 days maximum
    • No printer output support
    • No ability to save models

IDFTrans Information

For the latest information on IDFTrans please see the IDFTrans readme file called "readme-IDFTrans.txt". It is located in the \Documents folder.

Minimum System Configuration

PCAnalyze runs under Windows 2000/XP. Windows 98 and NT are no longer officially supported. The following is the minimum system configuration:
    • Pentium 4 or faster
    • 512 MB of RAM
    • The new IDF Translator (IDFTrans) requires MS Excel.

Installation Notes

To run, select RUN PCANALYZE from the "PCAnalyze" Start Menu group or click on the PCANALYZE icon that was created on your desktop.

Sample models can be found in the \Samples directory under the PCAnalyze directory.

The user manual in Adobe Acrobat format, along with this readme.txt file, can be found in the \Documents directory under the PCAnalyze directory.

Version 2.0 of PCAnalyze has major new capabilities that include:
    • The ability to import data from ECAD system using exported IDF files and the new IDF translator
    • Circular components are now supported
    • Double sided boards are now supported

Most recent version is 2.50 Build 4.