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Tak 2000

The Thermal Analysis Kit (TAK) 2000 is an engineering application used to model and predict the thermal performance of virtually any thermal system. It has been used to model spacecraft, Trans Alaska Pipeline, fiber optics, electronic circuit boards & boxes, ovens, cryostats and telescopes.


"What if's" are really what PCAnalyze is all about. PCAnalyze makes it easy to thermally simulate printed circuit assembly (PCA) designs, operating in a specific environment, BEFORE expensive hardware is built and tested. Moving a component or increasing a heat sink inside PCAnalyze takes only minutes and the results only seconds longer!


The Thermal Connection is a Resource Center for Thermal Engineers. There you will find thermal finish data, specific heat and thermal conductivity. In addition to planetary thermal environments, there are links to other excellent engineering websites. The Thermal Connection has been serving the thermal community since 1995.